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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs or Forecourt signs are a type of advertising sign, they are normally positioned outside of store fronts or high street shops. And Forecourt signs used in car parks.
A pavement sign will usually have two faces of equal size, both sides being printed in the companies personal design or used to display leaflets, posters etc.
Some pavement signs or forecourt signs have snap shut frames allowing a poster to be inserted.

There are many uses for an pavement signs, although the main benefits always remains the same; to increase sales, walk in traffic, increase product awareness or deliver information. Efficient storage of high quality graphics is achievable on those that feature a protective anti glare screen.
The most common types of pavement signs are A-Boards, Swing signs and Flexi signs. Most Pavement signs are actually suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All our pavement signs and forecourt signs come printed using the latest eco-solvant or UV inks giving the printed graphic a long life and all the hardware is covered by a 2 year warranty.